Out & About in the World of Technology Online

Out & About in the World of Technology Online

Out & About in the World of Technology Online is a completely re-designed companion website that provides interactive computer and internet skills, together with English language skills practice for beginning level students.

About the course

This hybrid online course, follows the same scope and sequence from the print textbook Out & About in the World of Technology –  expertly written by Amy Hemmert and Tina Sander. The course has been completely updated and revised for Microsoft Office 2010, Internet browsers, and email upgrades.

Why the [sudden] change? 

It may appear that we made an abrupt change – but please rest assure this wasn’t the case. The former www.outandaboutenglish.com website was created using a technology and web platform that is not longer supported or has been available to developers for several years. While we made every possible effort to keep it running, on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 the former site suffered a severe crash and we were unable to restore it. You must know that we have been planning -and- working with a developer to execute a replacement strategy. This has been a long, and highly expensive project. Thankfully, we have been able to take advantage of our brand new platform to re-publish the companion website, and we are working non-stop to assist everyone make a smooth transition.

What are the course unique course features?

Through the course dynamic, student-centered approach, students will:

  • Build basic Microsoft Word processing skills;
  • Learn to navigate the internet and use email;
  • Master useful vocabulary related to everyday topics while building a core of computer-specific vocabulary;
  • Acquire important life skills through practical, hands-on activities related to the classroom, jobs, health, and the community; and
  • Gain learning independence and confidence!

Each unit of the course features step-by-step illustrated instructions that make teaching and learning computers fun. Units include vocabulary-buidling activities, skills reviews, portfolio projects, reading and writing assignments, interactive pair tasks and unit checklists. Key language, vocabulary, and computer skills are recycled and reinforced in creative and stimulating ways.

Course components

There are three basic components to the course:

  1. Free downloadable (PDF) Teacher’s Guide, offers unit objectives, outlines, step-by-step procedures, additional activities, and background computer information to make even the most novice teacher feel comfortable! The Teacher’s Guide is available for free download here and/or here.
  2. The Computer Book (textbook) is designed as a student workbook. The book starts with the basics of computers and Microsoft Word, and gradually progresses to cover teh more advanced features of Microsoft Word, the Internet, and email.
  3. The brand new online companion course, is fully accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, of from any mobile device. The online course replaces the former student practice website: www.outandaboutenglish.com

Access to the new online course is FREE for EVERYONE through the end of July 2016. We hope this will provide all users with a smooth transition.

Access to the new online course requires individual user registration.

Have questions or need assistance? Please contact us.

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  1. Richard Doelle Reply

    What happens after July 2016?

    What will be the costs associated with accessing the online companion course – for individuals and for organizations?

    What about those of us who purchased your book? We’ve now lost access to the exercises used in your book. How will you help us with accessing the new online exercises?

    There appears to be no information about the transition other than, “it requires user registration.”

    Is every user supposed to register individually? Can a teaching organization register so that its students can access the material through the organization? How will it work with teaching organizations?

    Your abrupt termination of the outandaboutenglish.com website has thrown my immediate teaching plans in disarray. It’s disheartening and frustrating when you have a lesson plan that’s become useless because the website has become intentionally inaccessible.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hello Richard and thank you for your message. There is something we must clarify – and reiterate: the former site http://www.outandaboutenglish.com was built on a platform that is no longer supported-or available for developers. Last week, the site fatally crashed, and we simply couldn’t bring it back. We have worked endless hours on a solution to the problem, and in collaboration with a reputable web developer, the replacement site was created. It follows EXACTLY the same scope and sequence of the former site, unit-by-unit. At every possible lesson/activity, the user experience was improved. In sum, the new online course will perfectly fit into your lesson plans, without too much disruption. Your question about teaching organizations is quite relevant, and we would be glad to work with yours and assist you – anyway possible to ensure that you and all of your students experience minimal disruption and improved a teaching/learning experience. Please give us a chance to work with you and make sure this happens.

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