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One of my favorite instructional strategies is called “Back To The Screen,” which I adapted from Zero Prep Activities for All Levels by Laurel Pollard and Natalie Hess. I pick a clip from a movie (the highway chase scene from one of the Matrix movies, for example. I then divide the class into pairs with one group facing the TV and the other with their back to it. Then, after turning off the sound, I begin playing the movie. The person who can see the screen tells the other person what is happening. Then, after awhile, I switch the groups around. Afterwards, the pairs need to write a chronological sequence of what happened, which we share in class. Finally, everyone watches the clip, with sound, together. Students really enjoy this activity.

Zero Prep Activities for All Levels is published by ALTA English Publishers, Inc.

Larry Ferlazzo – Teacher and creator of Larry Ferlazzo’s English Website

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