Betty Azar on The ELT Grammar Book

ELT GRAMMAR BOOKRichard Firsten’s experience as a teacher shows through on every page. He knows what questions students will ask. He knows how to answer them in ways that students will understand. He knows what kinds of materials teachers need for the classroom, providing numerous sample exercises, supplementary activities and teaching tips. This book is the teacher’s friend. It’s useful not only for teachers who are new to the field (who will be grateful for the grammar information he provides, information that is easy to understand and to present), but also for experienced teachers looking for new ideas and slants on creating grammar- based lessons.

And in addition to all that, it’s just plain a fun book to read — at least for us grammar wonks!

Betty Azar, Author of the Azar Grammar Series

  • Posted by Hugo Loyola
  • on September 18, 2014
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