Support NNESTs and LPAs

Support for NNESTs and LPAs

We believe that the English Language Teaching profession can only improve when ALL teachers, regardless of their country of origin or first language are given the same opportunities as those whose first language IS English. 

This is why we fully support the incredible work that our friends at TEFL Equity Advocates  are doing each day to end the widespread discrimination toward Non-native English Speaker Teachers (NNESTs) all over the world.

As part of an international community of English Language Teachers and Language Program Administrators, we feel it is our shared responsibility to advocate for inclusiveness and equal work opportunities for all and not just some, simply based on country of origin or native language. We believe that English teaching practitioners should be evaluated on realistic qualifications such as expertise, skills, and the ability to communicate effectively (or fluently) in English. You see, when language programs and job recruiters discriminate against NNESTs, students are the ones who end-up missing out on being well guided, supported, motivated, enriched – and enlightened – by teachers who ARE fully committed, and ready-to-teach.

Please join us and put an end to discrimination toward NNESTs.

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit the TEFL Equity Advocates website: or click on the image below.

TEFL Equity Advocates

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