Supercharged Vocabulary: Put the Students in Charge!

Students know it

Teachers know it.

And research supports it:


The room was packed for Laurel’s workshop at Colorado TESOL,

“Supercharged Vocabulary Learning: Put the Students in Charge!”


Laurel’s aim:  that the rest of your teaching life be easier and more effective.  In this workshop, she shared ways to help students set their own goals and share truly effective strategies for learning words.


Feedback from some of the participants:

“Awesome activities! Thanks!”

“The time flew by.”

“Useful for ANY level”


Here’s her handout.

If you have questions, or want to tell Laurel how you’re using these ideas, or want to ask her about possibly working with your teachers, you can reach her at

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Laurel’s request:

We had three times as many teachers as handouts, so ALTA has offered to  post the handout for me.  Do feel free to download a copy for your own use.   But many of these pages have a copyright note on them.  So please honor Alta by not duplicating those pages for further distribution.   Alta is committed to helping teachers.  I am committed to their success so they can continue to help us all.   Many thanks, Laurel

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