Our Mission

Is to provide support for the dynamic and growing English Language Teaching community worldwide, through quality materials that are informed by real classrooms, and expertly designed and written by teachers – for teachers and their students.

Our vision

We fulfill our mission through our publishing and educational services. We are committed to ensure every one of our products and publications reflect our love and respect for the English Language Teaching community worldwide.

Our strategy

To stay true to who we are. At the heart of our publishing strategy we place special focus on the following areas:

  • Quality content and services that reflect the values of our company
  • Focus on best products that make teachers life easier and more enjoyable
  • Responsiveness and courteous communication with customers, vendors, and authors
  • Financial performance which allows us to invest in a sustainable future

We value

  • Fun, engaging and open collaboration
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Integrity and responsibility
  • Diversity and inclusiveness

ALTA English Publishers

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Hugo Loyola

President, ALTA English Publishers, Inc. and Founder, ALTA English Online

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