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We have been busy at ALTA English working on our new generation of courses to be delivered entirely online. 

After a thorough and long publishing review; which we are still in the process of completing, it was clear to us that we need to keep with the times and to move ahead with a different type of publishing.

Our entire industry has been changing as well, and we can see evidence of this everyday. Many publishers, both large and small are making the switch to increase their investment on digital publishing as a way to reach more users and reduce costs. The claim is that the market demands are changing as well as more and more users are moving away from print content in favor of digital content, easily accessible anytime and pretty much from anywhere they are connected to the internet. This is creating a real digital revolution and we need to join in.

The first batch of courses that we are publishing include a wide array of topics and subjects, for example we have just published a non-traditional ELT course for people who are getting ready to apply for US citizenship via naturalization process — The ALTA US Citizenship Course is our first online course and a clear departure from our traditional publishing. It is primarily intended to be used as a self-study course, but we have carefully and intentionally built a solid instructional design to help teachers and tutors who are working with these students to be better prepared, and more confident candidates to become US citizens. This course – like all of our courses – will provide users enough flexibility to be used in class, in a computer lab, or pretty much anywhere else where there is a computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

We are currently working on creating hybrid courses to support our print textbooks by providing interactive, online practice and go beyond the lessons in our books. The first generation of courses will focus on subjects such as multi-skills practice, literacy development, basic computer and technology skills, and workplace readiness skills and training.

But we are not forgetting about our teachers and language program administrators (LPAs). Our plans also include the development of courses for and by teachers and LPAs. In fact some of our professional publications are already available as eBooks for the Kindle, iBooks, and Nook platforms, with a few more titles coming out soon.

We would love to hear from you. Please tell us what type of subject areas you would like for us to publish online? Leave your comments below.

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