Rick Kappra

Rick Kappra has been teaching English as a Second language since 1983, beginning as a volunteer working with refugees in Philadelphia. He has taught in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. Currently he is an ESL instructor at City College of San Francisco, where he is also the Civic Center Campus ESL Coordinator. His goal as an instructor is to create more opportunities for students to engage with one another in fun, meaningful exchanges. Finding that most ESL textbooks did not provide enough opportunities for interaction led him to co-author Out and About with Amy Hemmert.

Book Publications

2005  Out and About: Photocopiable Teacherless Activities for Beginning English Language Learners (with Amy Hemmert) Palm Springs, CA: ALTA English Publishers, 258 pp.

2004  Out and About: An Interactive Course in Beginning English (with Amy Hemmert) Palm Springs, CA: ALTA English Publishers, 185 pp.

2011  Finding Family – A Reading and Vocabulary Text (with Natalie Hess and Laurel Pollard) University of Michigan Press, 152 pp.



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2002 – Successful Mingles for Low-Level Classes, CATESOL News, February

2002 – Beyond Tolerance, TESOL Adult Education Interest Section Newsletter, Spring

2001 – Moving Beyond Tolerance, CATESOL News, April



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2003   Conflict and Controversy in the ESL Classroom, ICIG Featured Colloquium, CATESOL

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2002   Power, Multiculturalism and ESOL Pitched Against Prejudice, TESOL

2002   Challenges and Opportunities in the ESL Classroom: Addressing Isms, Featured Colloquium, CATESOL

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1998   Training Teachers with Low English-Proficiency (with Jennifer Burton), Northern Regional CATESOL

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