Paul J. Hamel

Paul Hamel has worked in the field of education for 50 years, first as a Peace Corps volunteer, then, ESL teacher, adult school principal, writer, publisher, actor, and film producer. Currently Paul Hamel teaches ESL part-time for the College of the Desert in the Palm Desert. He is also an actor, producer and the CFO of Frogg1 Productions located in Palm Springs, CA. Paul has had supporting and lead roles in such films as Lock Box, FAKE, Koffee, Inosculation, Cascade Road, and Gradation. Besides acting and producing, Paul is also professional graphic artist whose artwork has recently been displayed in at Palm Desert City Hall and sold online. Awards have included “Teacher of the Year Award” from Fairfax Community Adult School in 1984 and “Principal of the Year Award” from the Association of California School Administrators in 1999. Paul has also been an active community volunteer serving the his community for the past 40 years. The City of West Hollywood awarded him its “Angels Amidst Award” in 1997.

Book Publications

2018 Everyday English Comic Books 1 and 2, a progressive reader series for High School and Adult ESL learners 

2017 ESL Vocabulary, Grammar & Conversation Cards, an ESL teacher resource book

2017 ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans 2an ESL teacher resource book

2017  History of Family Photography, a photo history of two families over 100 years

2017  ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans, an ESL teacher resource book

2017 Quirky Mandalas, a collection of modern mandalas with inspirational sayings

2017 English for Better Jobs, 1, 2 & 3, an ESL textbook/workbook series designed for those entering the workforce

2017 Cameroon Travel Adventure, a visitor and tourist travel guide

2012 Group Activities for Advanced ESL Students and Group Discussions for Advanced Students, teacher resources for two new courses (Talk Shop and Oral Fluency) that I developed for the UCLA American Language Center

2011  Nature’s Textures. This is a book of original photos with inspirational sayings, e-book

2010  My Peace Corps Days, the story of his service in the Peace Corps in Africa, e-book

2010  Doing the Right Thing on the Job, Ethics Education for Vocational and ESL students, e-book

1994  Bag of Tricks II, A book of supplimentary ESL materials. Delta Systems Co., Inc.

1993  Bag of Tricks I, A book of supplimentary ESL materials. Delta Systems Co., Inc.

1988  Listen and Write, A book of supplimentary ESL materials. Delta Systems Co., Inc.

1988 Cleaning Up the Classroom, Delta Systems Co., Inc.

Articles and other publications

1986  GAIN Manual for Educational Services, Sec. VII, California. State Dept. of Social Services

1986  Adult ESL Handbook, Chapters 1 & 3, California State Dept. of Education

1986  Problem Solving on the Job, Refugee Employment Training Project, LAUSD

1884  Better English Every Day 1, 2, 3, & Teachers Manual, an ESL textbook series designed for vocational ESL programs.  Holt, Rinehart & Winston, N. Y. and Cengage Publishing.

1981  More Picture That Build Stories, Easy Teacher Aids, LA

1980  Picture That Build Stories, Easy Teacher Aids, LA

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