ALTA English Webinar: “Teacher, I Need More Words!”

Welcome to the ALTA English Webinars for Teachers Series

Our first live webinar will take place on Friday, May 22 2015 at 11:00 AM (USA – California – Palm Springs). It’s completely free!

Looking for a sample collection of best-practice activities to help your students become lifelong vocabulary learners?

Laurel Pollard

Teacher, I Need More Words!

Learn how you can help your students become lifelong learners of important and useful words connected to your lessons with a collection of best-practice vocabulary activities. Little preparation time for you, maximum engagement for your students, both in class and beyond.

Laurel Pollard


Watch on our YouTube Channel

Or watch it here:

And thanks to Laurel here is the handout for your convenience!

Click for Handout >> Teacher, I Need More Words!


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  1. Victoria Banuelos Reply

    I wasn’t able to join the live event; thanks for offering it here. I too had forgotten some of the good ones.

    • Victoria Banuelos Reply

      Sorry, I forgot to tell you one useful thing I took away from this presentation, and one thing that might have made this event more useful. Honestly It’s all good. The progressive cloze activity is a great idea. I will try that this summer with me multi-level ESL class. I would only change one thing: in one of the slides, the sentence, “He eats crackers and drinks…” has a typo. That’s it!

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