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The ELT Grammar Book is a reference for teachers of English to speakers of other languages and it’s a grammar book with many differences. Right from the start, you’ll notice the relaxed, informal style of the book; books like this one don’t have to be written in stuffy “academese.”

The purpose of The ELT Grammar Book is to make difficult, but basic areas of English grammar more comprehensible to a wide range of people: undergraduate and graduate TESOL students, ESOL and VESOL teachers, junior high and high school teachers, advanced ESOL students, and anyone who just wants to brush up on his/her skills in English. If you’re a teacher and already have a clear understanding of how English works, the explanations in this book will prepare you to communicate the grammar better and give more effective examples to your students. If you’re an advanced student or if you simply want to understand more clearly how English grammar works, this book will go a long way toward helping you master the grammar.

No attempt has been made to cover every aspect of the language; only the high frequency areas that traditionally seem most troublesome are dealt with on these pages. Nor have we attempted to give every single analytical detail of each grammar point covered; if you master the material we’ve provided, you will be very well prepared to teach grammar effectively, directly or indirectly, or to use the language more effectively.

The ELT Grammar Book contains the following unique features:

The Socratic Approach

You’ll be encouraged to observe, think about, and make conclusions about each grammar point covered. This technique, also referred to as the “inductive method,” will allow you to explore the grammar in a way that will make the material much more meaningful to you in the long run. Instead of being spoon-fed the information, you’ll work through it yourself to discover exactly what’s going on.

And here’s a tip to help you get the most out of this approach: Whenever you’re asked to think of a reason or interpretation, take the time to do just that and write down your own thoughts on the lines provided. This exercise will be a lot more meaningful than taking the easy way out by jumping ahead to find the answers.


These comments are “asides,” helpful insights that pop up in most chapters, focusing on those points which you can anticipate will bring problems to the teaching and learning of English because of language interference or other causes.

Teaching Tips

To help you create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment in your classroom, whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, these suggestions found at the end of each chapter offer an array of time-honored classroom activities, exercises, and games to enhance the teaching of specific grammar points.

Finally, to give you more suggestions to develop your teaching skills, you’ll find appendices at the end of this book which deal in greater detail with certain topics covered in the chapters.

We hope that you find The ELT Grammar Book an inviting text, reference, and source book, and that you’ll always find it a friend to help you out at tough moments when your mind goes blank and you’re trying to remember exactly what native speakers of English say or why they say this or why they don’t say that.

This publication is now available in print and eBook formats.

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